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Family Style vs. Plated Entrees

For the full experience of the Amana Colonies, we highly recommend ordering a family-style
menu item, or for for larger appetites our Hearty Family Style Special can't be beat.



Insert picture hereFAMILY STYLE
Your choice of entrée is served with refillable bowls of:

  • Two Chilled Salads of the Day
  •  Steamed Corn, or Green Beans with bacon & onions
  •  Bread basket with homemade strawberry jam
  •  Tangy sauerkraut served upon request

All side dishes are refilled at no extra charge.  Please take what you can eat.  All leftovers are discarded.  Family Style refills may not be carried out. 


  • Traditional Fried Chicken (assorted pieces)
  • Smoked Amana Ham
  • Roast Beef - fork tender.

As in the days of communal Amana share refillable platters of entrées and sides.  To be ordered by all guests at the table.  Children 10 and under may order from the Children's Menu. Refills may not be carried out.  No substitutions due to special price.

Adults 21.99    
Children Ages 5-10 9.99    
Children 4 years old and under 3.99




Guests not ordering their own entrée, but who wish to share from their party's Family Style side dishes, may do so for

   9.99 with shared Family Style Entrée order

   12.99 when ordered without a shared Entrée

Insert picture herePlated Meals
Plated meals are not refillable. 
They are served with:

     • Real potatoes
     • Gravy
     • Vegetable
     • Fresh baked roll
     • Homemade strawberry jam



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