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Donation Request Form

Ox Yoke Inn® Donation Request

We receive numerous requests for donations and honor over $40,000 worth of requests per year.  The selection is based upon need and/or type of cause, the number of previous requests, and how the Ox Yoke® will be recognized.  As we would like to honor each and every request, our budget does not allow it. 

Please complete the form below.  If we honor your request we will contact you within 7 business days of your submission.


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If we are interested we will contact you by phone; we will not text. Please have voicemail set up or return our missed call.  
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If "YES" please be specific as to names, how often and the most recent time that they were a guest:  
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If recognition will be in print form please use the logo we will provide to you.  
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Donation Preferred: *
Select all options that will work for your event. For live & silent auctions ONE larger prize may be preferred. If you are requesting door prizes, multiple smaller amounts work better.  
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