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Ox Box Meals for 4

Ox Box Meals serve 4 comfortably.
Includes Quart sized sides of Cole Slaw, Potatoes, Vegetable and a Pint of Gravy.


Crispy Chicken Tenders
Includes 12 Crispy Chicken Tenders, choice of ranch or barbecue, plus our Home Style Mac & Cheese (Qt).

Amana Ham
Lightly smoked & grilled, served with Pineapple Sauce (Pt).

Amana Smoked Bratwursts
Includes Sauerkraut (Pt) and German Mustard (1/2 Pt).

Traditional Chicken Schnitzel
Lightly sautéed, served over Herbed Spätzle Noodles.


Roast Beef in Rich Beef Gravy
Slow roasting brings out the beef’s flavor and tenderness.  A hearty Sunday dinner favorite available any time.
(à la carte Roast Beef for 4 - $41 - 2 lbs)

Oven Baked Steak
Hand-cut from round steak, tenderized, lightly dusted with flour and grilled, then slowly baked in a rich beef and vegetable gravy.
(à la carte Oven Baked Steak for 4 - $41 - 2.25 lbs.)

Jäger Schnitzel with Spätzle Noodles
A tender boneless pork loin cutlet is lightly coated in cracker meal and sautéed served with a pint of fresh Mushroom Gravy.
(à la carte Jäger and Spätzle for 4 - $33.50)

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