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Appetizers & Sides



Sweet Potato Fries  5.50

French Fries  5.50

“Run of the Mill” Chips  4.50

Beer Battered Onion Rings with BBQ Ranch  8.50

Pretzel Bites with Cheese Sauce  5.25

Curds with Marinara  7.50

Fried Mushrooms with Ranch  9.50

Jäger Poutine Fries  10.50
Fried curds, Jäger Gravy, Mushrooms, Chives, and Sour Cream over Fries

Kasespätzle  9.50
Spätzle Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Breadcrumbs

Ox Chips with Cheese Sauce and Bacon  7.00



Pickled Ham  6.75 Single; 9.50 Bowl

Pickled Beets  4.75 Single; 7.25 Bowl

Spätzle Noodles  4.75
Part noodle part dumpling.

Cheesy Spätzle Noodles 5.75
Our version of Mac & Cheese with three cheeses blended to perfection.   

Hot German Potato Salad  4.75
Housemade. Contains bacon, onion, flour and sugar.

Sauerkraut  3.50

Potato Dumplings (2)  5.75
Handmade in house, served with onion sauce.

Cottage Cheese with Chives  2.75 Single; 5.75 Bowl

Cole Slaw  2.25

Fresh Fruit  4.25

Applesauce  1.50

Potatoes & Gravy  2.50

Gravy  1.25

Vegetable  1.50 ($2.25 for special vegetable selection when available)

Dinner Roll with Strawberry Jam  1.75

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